Our Drivers

Christian Scholte (Primary Driver - Regular Season)

Christian was introduced to the world of off-road at an early age by his parents, riding his ATC on the fire roads in the local mountains and the sand dunes of Pismo Beach and Glamis.  In his 20’s, he discovered the excitement of sand rails.  He easily transitioned from two wheels to four, using his years of experience in the sand and dirt to build upon.  Working with an off-road racing team after work and on the weekends, he saw an opportunity to take his off-road addiction to the next level.  When Christian’s wife, Shari, was diagnosed with breast cancer, her treatment and recovery reaffirmed his priorities and changed his focus.  Now, he races with two goals — to win and to increase awareness among young women that breast cancer can be beaten if it is detected early.

Chris McFayden (Co-Driver - Regular Season)
Chris comes from a family of off-roaders who have all kinds of toys -- sand cars, quads, motorcycles, side-by-sides, and Jeeps.  Whether he is jumping his sand car off a dune in Glamis or navigating a steep climb in his Jeep, Chris can read any terrain and handle any situation.  If that isn't enough, he is also extremely talented with fabricatiaon and he knows our car inside and out.  All this skill and experience, combined with an unflappable disposition, adds up to make Chris the ideal co-driver.  Chris served as a co-driver for a Class One race car in the Baja 500 in 2006 and he took first place in an 8-hour endurance race in a stock Rhino!  As the youngest member of our team, Chris McFayden has many more races ahead.

Our Crew

Wayne Dale (Pit Chief and Engineer)
Wayne started working on cars at a young age, helping his father restore classic cars.  Eventually, this turned into a passion for him.  From 1989 through1994, he was a member of the Woresham/Hendy racing team out of Redlands, CA, running a top fuel funny car (Tinkertoy #706) on the NHRA circuit.  His part of the team was fuel system and engine work.  The team placed 8th in the world, in points race, for 1989 and 1990.  Wayne was also part of the Denver Mullins race team running a top fuel hydro drag boat (Public Enemy #909) in the IHBA circuit, from 1992-1994. He was assistant crew chief and focused on engine and fuel management. Since that time he has continued his love of engine building on a smaller scale.  Now married with children, his two sons both being young gear heads, he has now turned his talent/passion for engines and engine building toward off-road racing.

The Rest of the Gang

In addition to our drivers and crew, we are fortunate to have a large circle of friends and family who support our racing efforts.  They bring everything they have to the table — their time, talents, and treasures.  They were there when our family was struggling with Shari’s breast cancer and they continue to be there for us.  These guys (and gals) have been there from the beginning when we were fabricating the car and they are out there on the race course providing support and cheering us on.  Some of them have a lot of talent, others not so much — but they are ALL dedicated and we would be lost without them.

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